What We Do

Premium Iceland Tours is a leading Travel Agency in Iceland, primary selling tours to Iceland and even beyond.

We discovered that the standard of “luxury” and “high quality” tours on offer was too low, or solemnly focusing on the vehicle and or the accommodation.
Which is why we decided to offer better tour quality and change the way travellers experience their dream vacation. We pride ourselves in having the best connections and offer the best guides.

Our aim is to design an experience where travellers go back home and talk about how amazing their trip was.
We want to create unique memories for our clients, through an experience of a once-in-a-lifetime journey that they want to share with everyone.

This is where magic happens.

i want magic
Premium Tours Iceland is a leading Travel Agency in London, primary selling tours to Iceland and even beyond.
Premium Tours Iceland offers luxury tours all around Iceland.

About Us

Premium Iceland Tours was founded by the Icelander; Jóhann.

He wanted to create something unique, something that no one else is currently offering on the market and to lead by an example and contribute to the change the tourism in Iceland needed.

We have carefully selected an outstanding team. From the customer relations to the suppliers in Iceland. We only work with the best.

We have a close relationship with our collaborators in Iceland and can offer the best guides in the business, and the vehicles are absolutely first class.

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The trips

What our team loves the most to do, is to plan unique trips.

Staying at farm hotels, go sightseeing in a helicopter, dine on top of a glacier, ride in monster trucks, cross huge rivers, go whale watching on a jet-ski and anything else you can imagine.

Iceland is considered an exotic destination and is getting more and more popular as it is very unique and different. We help to make magic happen.

Experience the magic with us!

Our luxury trips consist of dine on top of a glacier, ride in monster trucks, take helicopter tours around Iceland and more